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License   License Name   DBA Name   Facility Type   City   State  
88-W-1664    XANODYNE PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.  Wholesale Distributor  LAVERGNE  TN 
88-W-1666    SMITH & NEPHEW, INC.  Wholesale Distributor  MEMPHIS  TN 
88-W-1667    BAXTER HEALTHCARE CORPORATION  Wholesale Distributor  FIFE  WA 
88-W-1669    SCIELE PHARMA, INC.  Wholesale Distributor  ALPHARETTA  GA 
88-W-1671    PROVIDENT PHARMACEUTICAL, INC.  Wholesale Distributor  RICHMOND  VA 
88-W-1672    RISING PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.  Wholesale Distributor  ALLENDALE  NJ 
88-W-1673    WILLOW BIRCH PHARMA, INC.  Wholesale Distributor  TAYLOR  MS 
88-W-1674    BAXTER HEALTHCARE CORPORATION  Wholesale Distributor  MORROW  GA 
88-W-1659    ZLB BEHRING, LLC  Wholesale Distributor  BRADLEY  IL 
88-W-1676    JACOBSON WAREHOUSE COMPANY  Wholesale Distributor  DELANO  PA 
88-W-1678    PHARMPAK, INC.  Wholesale Distributor  SAN RAFAEL  CA 
88-W-1679    FISHER CLINICAL SERVICES INC.  Wholesale Distributor  ALLENTOWN  PA 
88-W-1680    ZEE MEDICAL, INC.  Wholesale Distributor  INDIAN TRAIL  NC 
88-W-1684    MCKESSON CORPORATION  Wholesale Distributor  LAKELAND  FL 
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